Update 31 Mar 2012:

Progress! I got a little hung up on some things (Does anyone know of a functional recent content slider that can be installed without crashing a site? If so, then please email me!), but am making headway.

I’m updating all past recipes using a recipe widget to make it easier for you to view and print recipes. I’m also drafting a bunch of recipes that have been filling up my Evernote notes for ages. Once I have those organized, I’ll make sure to grab some rad pictures and pop them up here.

I’m also going to reorganize some things, in order to make it easier to find general information, as well as individual recipes for things like pizza dough or guacamole, which are current buried in other recipes. Convenience! User-friendliness!

I’m looking to be back in style by May’s gluten-free ratio rally—get excited!

Thanks for your patience!


Yep, so I’m currently trying to update some elements of The Wicked Good Vegan.

Changing site elements is difficult for obsessive-compulsive people with high standards and a semi-working knowledge of some basic coding languages.

I’m determined not to give up, so apologies in the meantime for the perplexing presentation. Give me a week or so.

(In the mean time, how about some cookies?)