Four Ways: Watermelon Radishes

So The Wine Bottega had an amazing off-site event the other week. I don’t think that I’ll ever see that many Jura wines in one place again in my life, save in eastern France itself. There was fondue, sticky chicken, and watermelon radishes—twenty-five pounds of watermelon radishes. Thank you, smallest order quantity available. Suffice it to say that many of the guests left with bags of watermelon radishes.

I woke up in the morning and started cracking up at this giant bag of watermelon radishes. What to do with them?

First of all, maybe you can figure out why these little beauties are so named.


So what to do with them? Here are four ideas:

  • Serve watermelon radishes unadulterated. Just like real corn, they’re delicious with a little bit of butter and salt.
  • Open-faced Radish Sandwiches. Make radish butter, and then serve away! I had a Festivus potluck later that week, so I served open-faced radish sandwiches, probably not doing much for the vegan community in the way of, ‘Vegan food is just like other food!’ but that’s the fault of unadventurous American cuisine.
  • Radish pickles. Rad! Pickles are awesome, and pickling is not just for cucumbers!
  • Radish crisps. Fry them! What food isn’t better fried? Try some crisps with cumin and salt.