An Olive Branch offering for VegNews in its non-vegan, meat-filled stock photos scandal

So this may be old news to you, but there’s been a recent scandal in the vegan community.

Turns out that VegNews, an award-winning magazine owned and operated exclusively by vegans, has been using pictures of real meat in their recipes. Vegan blogger QuarryGirl first broke the story here. VegNews’s response is here, although it seems insincere and much too doublespeak for me.

Psh. New Yorkers.

From my experiences with stock photos, it seems like an overwhelming percentage of the photos at VegNews are stock, and therefore likely non-vegan. For a facility without either a kitchen or a photo studio, it seems like they’re likely just plucking meat-filled photos and filling their pages with them.

Not even the first photo that you see on their website right now is vegan! VegNews street cred: 0.



Personally, I think that they should have gone with this one:

Former employees have corroborated the oppressive atmosphere at the magazine, with some claiming that their termination was at least in some part due to them bringing up the fact that the images used were non-vegan.

I thought about what VegNews could do to fix their relationship with readers, and I sent them an email with a proposal:



olive branch offering in light of the recent non-vegan pictures scandal!

Good morning,
Olive branch coming at you!

Like pretty much everyone else in the vegan community, I was disappointed not only by your use of non-vegan stock photography in what looks like an overwhelming percentage of your photos, but also by your non-transparent and one-sided reaction to discussion around the matter.

As such, I think that a wonderful way for you to regain respect and build support within the vegan community would be to contact bloggers and work with us to test recipes, offer suggestions, and take pictures of the whole process.

I’d be more than happy to freelance such a position! I know what I’m doing in the kitchen, I’d have helpful insights to offer, and although I don’t have a photo studio, with a little more time to spend on an assignment, I’d be happy to take high-quaility photos for you to use in your publication.

What do you think? Ready to start reaching out to your supporters whose voices are magnified though social media?

Meaghan M. Cassidy
the Wicked Good Vegan


I’ll update here what their response is.

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