Re: an Olive Branch offering for VegNews in its non-vegan, meat-filled stock photos scandal

So here’s an update on the letter that I sent to VegNews, offering them an idea that I had as to how they could begin to make up to the vegan community the fact they they were using photoshopped stock photos of real meat in their magazine issues. (Mad props to QuarryGirl, who first broke the story!)

Jennifer Chen, VegNews’s Photo Editor, got back to me, exactly a month after I’d sent them an email. I can imagine what a crazy busy month that must have been for her!

She wrote:



Thank you for contacting us about photographing for VegNews and We appreciate your interest.

Please view our photo submission guidelines as well as our photo wish list of images we need.

I’d love for you to submit a portfolio so we can review your work.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


. . . . . . . . . .

Jennifer Chen
Photo Editor
VegNews Magazine
415-642-NEWS (6397), x104

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Best Website, 2010
Best Design, 2010

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So that was generic, but very cordial. I’m happy that VegNews as formed a ‘wish list‘ of vegan photos, and I’m looking forward to contributing to—it’ll motivate me to do more cooking on the weekend, when the beautiful natural light shines in through our windows and provides exponentially better lighting than our kitchen lighting and my flash, which is what I’m left with weeknights when cooking. Alack!

(Here’s the definition of alack, for your edification. I think that it’s a great word—almost as awesome as huzzah.)

I mean, they didn’t exactly mention that they were doing all of this because of a huge PR scandal, but you can’t exactly expect that, can you? It’s a little disheartening, but as a capitalist, I understand the business interest of it all.

I encourage anyone with vegan food photography skills to get involved in the project—there’s even a year’s subscription to VegNews (meat photo free, I hope!) in it for you if you’re published!

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  • Is a year subscription and attribution enough incentive to get you to submit images? What are the most important psychological factors leading to contribution?

    • I’m not sure that I myself would need an incentive to submit photos—just an invitation and market price. I’m most excited about the idea of, as a resource and as a watering hole for the vegan food blogging community.