I’m still here!

I promise that I’m not dead. I’m pretty sure that if I were reanimated, then I wouldn’t have the fine motor function to type. We’ll have to wait for the zombie apocalypse to determine for sure, though…

What I am is a New Hampshire resident. Ryan and I just moved to New Hampshire, and we liked moving so much that we’re doing it again! Suffice it to say that the whole process has been stressful to say the least. I am planning to consider a blog layout overhaul in commemoration of Living Free or Dying—stay tuned.

I do have some posts drafted, and some awesome pictures in queue, but I haven’t had the breath in me to resign myself to put a post together. I do hope to be blogging again next week, and might do the predictable thing for me and overachieve by posting Tuesday, Wednesday for the Ratio Rally, and Friday as well. We’ll see!

Next week’s Ratio Rally should be really fun. I finally dug out all my flours, and I’m hoping to start playing around with recipes this long weekend.

Then, before I know it, it’ll be fall—I’ll be combing farmer’s markets for the harvest produce, getting really excited about squash because I’ve forgotten what it’s like to live off squash and lentils alone, chopping up veges for homemade broth, baking pies…

Fall is for cooking. Here’s to it.

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