What Vegans Eat: 2013, Week 12, Part 2

More exhausted food preparation!

It’s Ryan’s birthday week. Here in this household, birthdays get a full week of celebration: a week of friends, family, parties, gift-receiving, and just general calling the shots.How could all of that fanfare fit into one day, anyway? This week, there’s been a lot of beer (happiness shared is happiness doubled! if only ’twere true for ale…) and a lot of me doing the cooking…

In his defense, Ryan could tell that I was bloody exhausted, so he did help pack up (because I hate it so).

Nevertheless, the goal here was simplicity. Knowing that I not only had to do all of the lunches, but also finish up one of the artisan vegan cheese that we’re making (pub cheddar with chives), I still worked late, went to yoga, and then had to do the grocery shopping.

(Where there was the loveliest looking gentleman with a kind smile and two adorable tousle-haired children. We kept meeting in the aisles, and he kind of made my evening. Sometimes I forget how much I love human interaction. May I always smile at strangers.)

So home I went, with happy music and smooth shifting all the way.

Both of these recipes are ones that I have drafted but have yet to post. The brandade is pretty close, but I’m not sure how close it gets to an actual salt cod spread, so that might sit for a while. And the egg salad I’ll likely completely re-imagine, since the Internet has enough vegan egg salad recipes from extra-firm tofu.

For now, however, they’re perfect to put together on a weeknight when dinner is radishes, snow peas, and sesame sticks for dipping in homemade vegan ranch dressing (from homemade yoghurt gone wrong—but o so right for other applications).

With ale. For two.

  1. First lunch: Vegan egg salad—this’ll have a wrap to hold
  2. Second lunch: Vegan brandade (French white bean dip), with pita chips


To find out just exactly what vegans eat, click there for a link to the category.

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