What Vegans Eat: 2013, Week 15, Part 1

Continuing with carrying on the denial inherent in asserting that OMIGOSH SPRING IS HERE whilst it’s still quite frigid in the mornings (and just plain cold—or ‘barbecue weather’ as it’s known here in New England—during the day), we’ve made some more springy recipes.

Both of these are quick to throw together, although there was the inevitable moment when Ryan finished with all of his prep just in time to have absolutely everything ready at once and I was left to handle perfectly al dente pasta, crisping fakin’ bacon, roasted fennel, and toasted sesame seeds all at once.

It turned out all right.

So now I’m sitting down, drinking this—a minty gin and tonic, with Campari. (I wasn’t kidding when I posted Gin and Tonic Cookies and said that we were drinking g&ts like they were going out of style. Which they will never do.)

Cheers, cheers, and cheers again to herald in spring. Anything to take this chill off, to keep the bright sun streaming in, and to push the daylight hours a little further into the evening.

This week’s bright and sunny eats:

1. First lunch: Roasted fennel and white bean dip, with radish and carrot crudités, inspired by Roasted Fennel & White Bean dip at Food52

2. Second lunch: Vegan Farfalle with Carbonara, Spring Peas, and Mint (substituting cavatappi for farfalle, cavatappi are ‘probably [his] favourite pasta shape right now’ according to my lovable but sometimes totally accidentally hipster boyfriend)


To find out just exactly what vegans eat, click there for a link to the category.

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