What Vegans Eat: 2013, Week 16, Part 2

Final catching up.

The week kind of got away from me, and last night when I finally had the time to sit down, all that I could do was comb Twitter looking for evidence of hope, love, and peace in the wake of that senseless horror at the marathon finish line yesterday.

I’m still not over it, and although I’d enjoy nothing more than castrating the asshole(s) responsible, I recognize that such a reaction is probably somewhat of a misplaced sentiment.

I also recognize that Boston will be stronger for this. And while it wasn’t really quite possible to get more wicked awesome, we just might. This all sounds too terribly trite for me, but by living, loving, and enjoying a much higher standard of such things than whoever was responsible, we’re already ahead.

My favourite part was the outpouring of goodwill and hospitality on this Google doc, on which Boston and Boston-area residents offered up whatever shelter or warm showers they had. In a city of college kids, who doesn’t have a welcome couch, futon, or air mattress?

And my initial reaction was disbelief and a sense of cautious optimism at the fact that the Yankees played Sweet Caroline at the end of the 3rd to-night.

Same for this image from Brooklyn, rightly stating that “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.”

The NY<3B at the end reminded me that we are—all of us—humans.

We all want the same things—or at least all mothers do. We want a safe world in which our children can do a little better than we can. We want a warm bed at night, and a morning waking up next to someone meaningful. We want to feel that we’re leaving the world a little better than we found it.

We are, because others are; others are, because we are. What hurts someone else hurts us all. Others’ strength becomes our strength.


This is ubuntu in action.

In the end, it doesn’t matter why something happened—it matters what was made of it.

(I just hope that it doesn’t cause a cut back of the Massholes on Storrow Drive, because I’m not sure that I know how to drive that road without practicing my most excellent defensive driving. It’s eerie at 3 am with no other cars around.)

But anyway, back here in the Shire, we’re finishing up another rendition of rice and beans (ha! no adobo!), a Mediterranean-inspired Israeli couscous, and lots of downtime.

  1. First lunch: Creole Hoppin’-Jean, from Vegan Soul Kitchen
  2. Second lunch: Pearl couscous with olives and roasted tomatoes, from Epicurious


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