What Vegans Eat: 2013, Week 19, Part 1

This week’s Part 1 comes to you from the far east…

It’s a bit devoid of vegetables. But what it lacks in vegetables, it makes up for in scallions!

Ryan hesitated at the market, clearly questioning the dearth of vegetation in our basket. I assured him that fried dough and more fried things covered in soy sauce are awesome, and that if he wants vegetables so badly, then he can buy them and have them on the side. Plus, our groceries will cost something like $5, including organic rice vinegar.

No, we cannot add cabbage to the ants climbing a tree. No, we cannot add peas. No, I’m not shaving asparagus, although that’s a lovely idea…

This is take out, made in.

  1. First lunch: Cong you bing, served with a soy-vinegar dipping sauce
  2. Second lunch: Vegan ants climbing a tree, recipe to follow when I make it again and take pictures


To find out just exactly what vegans eat, click there for a link to the category.

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