What Vegans Eat: 2013, Week 21, Part 1

This is a day late, and I can’t decide whether to start forcing myself to post on the nights that we cook, or to save it all for one night a week. Probably the former.

These meals are easy. We had a lazy, lovely weekend. Saw some friends whom we love. Ate outside.

My, how I miss eating outside.

The next place will have a porch, so that I can sit and eat out in the sun—or in the clouds, as they gather, looming torrents, yet eliciting my stubborn response of staying outside until the very last last second, until that first, fat warning drop slaps my forehead and makes me sweep my arms to gather the accoutrements of the table whilst rushing inside.

The house where I grew up has an enclosed porch, so that you can stick your tongue out at the storm whilst you sip your wine. Nyah-nyah.

So yes, we wanted easy meals when we came home. This one didn’t even have the energy to clean up afterwards. And we went to bed before nine. These are meals for that mood.

  1. First lunch: Good old French bean salad, from Jamie Oliver, with fiddleheads for fun
  2. Second lunch: The best sweet leek and chicken pie (without chorizo, but with plenty of paprika and some spice), as it turns out also circuitously from Mr Oliver


To find out just exactly what vegans eat, click there for a link to the category.

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