What Vegans Eat: 2013, Week 30, Part 2

Mushroom risotto has got to be one of the ugliest dishes ever.

Granted, Jamie Oliver’s version looked lovely with wood ear mushrooms and chanterelles, but we can’t be half as fancy here in the midst of summer in New England.

So ugly brown goop it’ll be.

As of late we’ve been scrounging more than usual. We even had Amy’s burritos one lunch the other week—I was surprised by how salty it tasted. We’ve been enjoying our long summer evenings, and if that means substituting substance for spirits and episodes of Star Trek, then I’m happy to enjoy it.

This is how vegans eat—in the summer, in the rain, with little time and a commensurate budget.

With any luck, we’ll have some patlıcan salatası around here before long.

  1. First lunch: Vegan ratatouille
  2. Second lunch: Vegan mushroom risotto


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