What Vegans Eat: 2013, Week 32, Part 1

It’s still not too late for local Brussels.

I was reminded of a comment on VeganYumYum’s Vegan BLT Salad, where she said ‘This salad isn’t exactly… healthy. What it is, exactly, is delicious.’ and the commenter noted that only a vegan would call something with kale and tempeh in it ‘unhealthy.’ Ryan said that he couldn’t promise that something with Brussels and tofu in it would be healthy. Bah.

On my way home from climbing yesterday afternoon, I called Ryan to ask whether he wanted me to get groceries. He was already on it. Recipes in hand, he was getting back from the grocery store. He cooked, cleaned, and everything while I ran around doing chores.

Go, team—crushing this being an adult thing.

  1. First lunch: Roasted Brussels sprouts and tofu
  2. Second lunch: Ryan’s sautéed chickpea mix


To find out just exactly what vegans eat, click there for a link to the category.

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