What Vegans Eat: 2013, Week 33, Part 1

Tomatoes are just about to be in season. The cherry ones are already gracing the farmer’s market stands.

Tomatoes are probably my second favourite food season herald, if Brussels sprouts and asparagus count as one. The latter triumphantly announce that winter is going, spring is here, and green things are once again returning the the earth. The former are plump, juicy, and best when eaten warm from the sun.

I suggest eating a tomato like an apple this way, with each bite your nose smelling that stinging green still on your hand from just plucking the tomato off the vine. We had a rosé once at The Wine Bottega that had a bouquet of that stinging green—I’ll have to track it down…

Tomatoes mean a last hurrah of summer. Heirloom ones are a big, bold, ugly declaration of standing one’s ground and enjoying the beach well into September once the tourists and summer people have gone. Cherry ones are dainty and cute, telling more from the reaction of those who either will or will simply not pop them into their mouths whole. And the typical perfect red kinds—beefsteak, Roma—are to be sliced up onto plates, crushed up into sauces or canned for the winter months that come sooner than warranted.

  1. First lunch: Israeli salad
  2. Second lunch: Vegan pâté, eaten with—obviously—’baguette’


To find out just exactly what vegans eat, click there for a link to the category.

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