What Vegans East: 2013, Week 46

Did I mention gnocchi? These fluffy, potato-ey mounds of deliciousness? I think that Thanksgiving is seriously missing something without a gnocchi dish, and that I’ll have to work on a gnocchi al forno recipe for the occasion.

Anyway, I roasted some things, sautéed some ancient kale (kale, you’d make the perfect lover—patient, strong, taciturn but not upset when left alone in the fridge for a week…), and mixed it all together for the gnocchi. I was going to make a cream sauce, but suffice it to say that the powers that be intervened and I was not in the mood for cream sauce by the time it came around.

For the other dish, i pulled a Ryan—made a melee of vegetables come together in a pot and added some water.

I’d write these recipes down, but you should be able to figure out what’s going on just from the pictures, so I don’t think that these will be making it to the blog any time soon. When in doubt, add lemon—although for the lentils, I meant to add orange, but bought lemon instead.

So when in doubt, add citrus. And sprinkle some nutch.

Regardless, enjoy.

  1. First lunch: Autumn gnocchi (that’s roasted garlic)
  2. Second lunch: Fire-roasted lentil salad (eggplant, olives, roasted red pepper)


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