What Vegans Eat: 2013, Week 48

I feel as if I’m getting tired repeating myself with the ‘This week I wanted something easy…’ mantra. Maybe my definition is different than others, but when you’re cooking two lunches for a few days and dinner, everything needs to come together fast.

I’ve made tofu scram with extra firm tofu before, but for this I highly recommend silken tofu. Regard how it mimics eggs! I’m now hankering for some vegan breakfast burritos. They’re perfect for unforgiving winter weather.

And the salad is a brash attempt to have something heathy, crunchy, and voluminous before Thanksgiving. The add-ins below are dumped over a healthy amount of Romaine before being drizzled with dressing. (Hint: Romaine+vegetable+vegetable+crunchy something+dressing=salad success.)

Is it me?—but a few years ago I realized that I’ve eaten more on other special occasions than on Thanksgiving. I could comprehend where this would be the biggest meal of the year, but for me—I’ve had bigger. I leave full, but not gaining-weight full. So what’s with the complaining about eating too much? Am I seriously missing out?

Finally, because I am vegan, I am in tune with all things PPK. This includes her ranch salad with barbecue tempeh. Why? Because it’s easy, delicious, and makes all of your coworkers covet your salad. Heck yes, if I please.

  1. First lunch: Tofu scram and sweet potato home fries
  2. Second lunch: Ranch salad with Buffalo tempeh, from The PPK


To find out just exactly what vegans eat, click there for a link to the category.

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