The Vegan

The Wicked Good Vegan

The Wicked Good Vegan is a vegan food and recipe blog to help you stay healthy and happy—healthy because the food contains no animal products, so it’s nicer on the animals, the environment, and the bodies of those who eat it; and happy because those with both Internet access and a kitchen are already among the wealthiest human beings, and everything becomes a little more wonderful when one keeps all things in perspective.

The Vegan

The vegan is one Meaghan. I kick ass. I blog because I have something to say that I believe is worth hearing, and I hope that it helps others looking to live a more compassionate life.

I love easily, and well.

I live in Manchattan, was raised in southern New Hampshire, and was educated in Boston. When I’m not running around the office in four-inch heels or totally misjudging the amount of time that it takes to cook a recipe, you may find me:

  • At The Wine Bottega’s free Friday tasting
  • Busting out a proud king pigeon at YogaBalance
  • Walking, biking, hiking, climbing, or diving here and there
  • Asking Ryan if he knows where my phone is

Have a question? Comment? Clarification?

You don’t get those things for which you don’t ask. I’m here, and I’m happy to help.