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Vegan Irish Stew

Irish stew is straightforward and hearty. It’s a pleasure to prep with haphazard hacks at root vegetables and even easier to eat now or for leftovers. If you’re looking for a simple centerpiece for your St. Patrick’s Day supper, then look no further. Out of some misplaced tradition, Ryan is generous enough to humour me […]

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Vegan Jerky from Shiitake Mushrooms

Wondering how to make vegan beef jerky? Fear not! This fool-proof recipe relies on shiitake mushrooms for a chewy bite and toothsome texture. NH-hunter-approved, apparently. I still remember my joy at discovering that all Clif bars are vegan. This was in high school, in the early days of my veganhood. I’ll admit, with my hectic…

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Vegan Beef Stroganov

Crazy comfort food craving? Check. Poorly translated website recipe source? Check. Only a few minutes to spare? Check. It’s stroganov to-night! This recipe is like home country. A while back, Ryan got it into his head that he wanted beef stroganov. I call it stroganov solely because that’s the Russian transliteration,…

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