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Fried Wontons

Why is fried food so delicious? It’s horrible for you, and these are essentially deep-fried, wrapped cream cheeseā€¦BUT THEY’RE SO GOOD. I tried to create a more ‘authentic’ sweet and sour sauce, even though it’s only more authentic than American recreations. Real sweet and sour sauce, I’m sorry. I had some leftover wonton wrappers from […]

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Watermelon Radishes: Watermelon Radish Crisps

Full disclosure, I didn’t actually try this recipe, as I got really excited about pickled radishes and forgot to save some for crisps. Oops. This was probably for the better, though, as I make a mess when I fry things, and I think that heating and disposing of all that oil (you can’t pour it […]

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