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Vegan Lasagna

This vegan lasagna makes use of a bunch of fresh summer ingredients. It takes a bit of prep, but all of the steps are easy and the end result is oh-so satisfying. Vegetarians beware—this lasagna will make you rethink the notion that you “can’t live without cheese.” Wow. I meant to publish this just under […]

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Vegan Calzones

Have leftover pizza dough and don’t feel like making more pizza? Want to jazz up your offerings for a pizza night? Go for a calzone! It’s just like a pizza, only FOLDED IN HALF! Growing up, my mom always made us pizza on Friday nights. She’d make the dough and sauce, and we’d pick our […]

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Homemade Vegan Pizza

Happy Vegan Pizza Day, everyone! Here’s my recipe for success: homemade dough; homemade sauce with hand-squeezed tomatoes; and melty, stretch vegan cheese! Just add your favourite toppings and convert any of your vegetarian non-believer friends to the ease of vegan cheese. You can do it! So guys, no one told me that it was vegan […]

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Vegan Pizza Sauce

Simple red sauce at your service. Vegan pizza sauce—vegan because I throw in nutch instead of parmesan cheese. And really, what isn’t better with a little nutch? This sauce is the perfect red sauce. It has…

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Vegan Stuffed Shells (Something Delicious)

A simple, scalable, awesome crowd-pleaser for the holiday season, these shells require next to no preparation and have an easy assembly. They travel well and are easily portioned and garnished to feed the hungry vegan masses! I’m nothing if not honest. I told my family and friends about my blog, and I said, ‘Let me […]

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