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Jamie Oliver’s Double-Decker Cheddar Cheese Sarnie, with Pickled Onions and Crisps

I have no idea why I determined to recreate a vegan version of this sandwich, but it turned out extremely well. Besides pickled things not having the most appetising smell, I devoured this dish in seconds—messy, messy seconds. Sometimes I see things and determine to recreate a vegan version, however unlikely success seems. Vegan Clam […]

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breakfast for dinner: curried Southwest Tofu wraps and PB&J Smoothies

I’m a big fan of breakfast wraps, even though I’ve never managed to eat breakfast consistently since fifth grade or so. On weekends, however, I love to make elaborate brunches, since these are the only times that I’m able to sit and enjoy an early meal. Enjoy this spicy wrap and filling smoothie! My little […]

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Watermelon Radishes: Open-Faced Watermelon Radish Sandwiches

Creamy open-faced sandwiches will be a surprise hit—especially for something so pink. Perfect for potluck, I admit that these sandwiches don’t go far in convincing others that vegan food is just the same as non-vegan food. In my defense, however, non-vegan food…

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