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Oyster Mushrooms…wicked expensive Oyster Mushrooms

Food brings us together. From the producer of the seed, through the farmer who nurtures it, through the fair price paid for the product, through how far it has travelled from the farm, to the love that was added as it was prepared, food—that with which we feed and fuel our bodies—is a collaborative effort.

Personally, cooking de-stresses me. It’s a creative outlet, and it is intricately tied to our societies, our memories, our sense of self, and our relationships. I express my love through food. I may have some of the Irish starvation instinct in me, too, what with my nearly constant need to please people gastronomically.

I’m not the best with authority, though, and will often brazenly question recipes out loud, e.g. ‘Don’t tell me how much cumin to put in!’; ‘Don’t tell me when to put the cumin in!’; or even ‘Don’t tell me which spices to put in or not put in!’. This is why you won’t find too many measurements or other general specifics around here. You have to feel it, and if you’re learning, then go slowly. I do take advice on proportions, though. I’ve only ever had one disaster, and that was when I asked for coconut cream, but got coconut milk, and decided to run with it. They were Mexican hot chocolate pudding cups instead of cupcakes, but they were still delicious!

I love making mistakes, because they’re proof that you’re trying. I’d rather fail a thousand times than neither fail nor succeed once for lack of trying. I’m overly self-confident and optimistic. I am a little crazy, but Ryan will tell you that I’m ‘crazy good, not crazy bad.’ He questions my mental stability when I talk to my plants, but he’s crazy because talking to plants makes them happy and they grow better this way. I smile at strangers, offer them rides if we’re going in the same direction, and sometimes buy coffee or groceries for the people behind me. What’s stopping you from doing the same?

When I’m angry, I pound dough; when I’m happy, I garnish; and when I’m feeling most anything in between, I whip up something with whatever’s in season. If I weren’t going to save the world through social enterprise, then I would open a vegan bakery café—maybe in another life.

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